BITRASH - an artistic corruption tool. Free, open-source, for you.


Hello, data traveller! I'm Astro and i make stuff. This time, i made a data corruption program called BITRASH (pun very intended). It takes a file as an input, and outputs an algorithmically corrupted copy of it. It has 6 simple "trashing" algorithms, 4 of them are non-random, and the other 2 add some random madness. All of them can be enabled and set up individually. Its main field of use so far is artistic corruption of sounds and visuals, but it can be anything else it can - maybe even an open-source base for something bigger. I hope you will have a fun time with this little ware! Download it for free as .exe or source down below.

How to use it

Pick a file you wish to play around with. BITRASH doesn't care about file format: it treats everything as raw data. Select a destination folder, a name for the processed file (auto-defaulted to sourcefile's location and altered nam on load) and then set up any parameters you want and hit CORRUPT! An altered version of your file will be generated. With more straightforward file-formats, such as .wav and .bmp, it tends to produce cyclic distortions and alterations, whereas the more compressed it gets with .mp3, .mp4, .gif and so on - the more we get to the area of extreme, unpredictable corruption.

Please, be aware, that even though the input file will always remain untouched, the output files of compressed format are ALMOST ALWAYS unplayable/unviewable online, even though you can see them on your desktop: this is the price for damaging the compressed container. It's easily fixed with audacity for audio (re-record or open) and gimp/paint for visual (screenshot or attempt to open and re-save). For video, i found no good solutions except re-recording it with OBS. I am considering writing a "normalizor" module for output normalization for further version.

Tech details

BITRASH is made with Python, and is open source. One of the downloads available is the source code - run it, tweak it, wreck it or fix & customize it! GUI was made with the help of a cool quick-n-dirty GUI making add-on called AppJar, and an .exe standalone was put together with pyinstaller. Probably the thing is far from perfect - so if you find mistakes, have suggestions or forked it and made some improvements - please contact me, to my mail [], twitter [@elysian_tunes] or any other public resource listed right here.


Source code, any OS

Windows Executable


A .zip archive with source code of the program. You can run it on any machine which has python 3 and the following add'l libs installed: appjar.

Executable for Windows system, built with pyinstaller. Tested and runs on: 8.1, 10 (try it and contribute to this list)

Readme .txt file with detailed explanations on the GUI how every single trasher module works. Read it to not get (in case you got) lost.

hover to unfold the changelog...

Result examples

Here are some results of the program's work. It can do much more than images, though - try sounds and videos, and whatever else!

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