Hello, data traveller! I am Aubery 'Astro' Lis, welcome to my homepage! I make a lot of stuff, mainly i do music as a bunch of characters and work with audio in general, but also i make DIY sound synthesizers, code wares and games, recover audiosamples from older game gemstones, make free original sample packs and presets, draw and make digital designs, and do a lot of other stuff. I love creating and sharing! Also I am a fan of 80s to mid 00s game consoles & computers, and obscure outdated tech. I love spearmint tea and candy, bright decoracore clothes, and pizza. I'm a very chill and friendly being, as long as you are, too. Let's be friends!

ABOUT ME ~ if you want to know more about who i am, what i like and make, start here.

MY CHARACTERS ~ it's a page about furry characters from my universe, their lives and stories.

MY MUSIC ~ i make music as my characters, in different styles and senses! Check out my bandcamp page.




  • A linkhub with all my resources that are currently active, + some abandones places, too!

  • I make music, digital and 3D art and webpages! And i also like doing it for people, which means my commissions are open! Making good stuff for you for nice prices, from tunes for your games to websites and graphical stuff!

  • This is a page with abouts on my amazing friends and their resources. I love them a lot! Most of them are also artists, and i worked with a lot of them. If you are looking for some good music or art (or someone to commission) - it's also here.

Sound Hell


  • A neat info+link hub for my own sample packs - you can get them from there for free! As a synth-making person and freeware enthusiast, i feel like i should share my original samples with other creative people around the globe.

  • I played a load of SNES and GBA games in my childhood, and remember some cool samples from them. Sometimes i am dilligent enough to crack open some cold ROMs and take out the sound data! And if i do it for myself, i should share it with you, too. There also are some long forgotten non-game gems, too.

  • Being a synthesizer maniac and a lover of stashing things, i stash things that i synthesized in Ableton. Here, i have the best of my generators and effects made with Ableton's instrument and effect racks and stock stuff only. You can check it out and listen to some examples, and then download it right off!

  • Here's a direct upload of my instaudio stuff right until its last weeks of existence. Some old WIPs, alt-versions, unreleases, bad jokes. Take a look if you want some old useless data.



  • And for less "serious" fun mini-programs realised right here and right now using powers of JS and HTML, i have this section - the WARES.LOCAL subfolder. It contains dumb fun things mainly, and gets updated from time to time.

  • A stash of utility scripts and more 'serious' stuff of my authorship, all open-source and free to use.

  • This is a little archive of my DIY synthesizer modules and such. There's a bunch of interesting schematics out there, as well as sound tests and more.
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Everything Else

  • funny jokes

  • just don't go there

  • I also make games (and 'wares, sometimes) as Kouyousoft, an imaginary software dev team led by a cute stay-at-home dragon girl Kouyou. This is a link to my itch.io page for my software projects. Sometimes they are actually enjoyable and have effort put in them!
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