about meNice to meet you, i'm Aubery! This is aaaa page crammed to the top with visual and textual information which will let you get to know me better, if you wish to! There's even a usb player with some of my favourite songs~

link hubInternet is a big place and it's easy to get lost, or to lose track of what's real and what's fake. So here's a hub with all of my web places! I am overall chill and friendly, so if you wanna chat - drop a line at one of these!

commissions infoI do a lot of stuff, and not only for my own entertainment, but also for your money and needs! Music of all sorts, visual and web design and anything else i can do for you - find out the details here.


Sound Hell

elysian tunesUnited under the roof of this netlable are my various musical projects, represented by characters and distinct styles! 70 releases and counting!

sample directoryMy original sample packs of DIY synths, corrupted games, and more! Packed & served for free here for all other creative minds.

lsdj experienceChiptuuuuuuune!!! Stuff i made on LSDJ, a fun program for the 1989 GameBoy. playable in emulators and on hardware alike.

project 'sound excavation'As a GBA/DS kid i love using sounds from those in my works. Here are my favourite game sample data rips that weren't ripped and archived elsewhere!

ableton instruments.Why get plugins when you can put together one hell of an impressive instrument using Ableton's stock stuff? Here's a repository of the ones i made. dumpsterA remnant of the fallen hero; thank you for your service, instaudio. I made my uploads archive public, for whichever reason. Basically, tons of old WIPs!

My freshest music!

by Algorithm Dude


sfcs.neocities.orgMy other neocities webpage, completely dedicated to DIY hardware synthesizers. Yes, you, too, can build your own noisy box!

bright moon co. social technologiesBrought to you by Bright Moon Co. (月™) to make your Neocities experience better and easier.

wares.localEvery day, the web becomes more a pile of JS doing everythig a bit more. I, however, use it for what it does best: silly browser games, utilities and funnies.

my.pyAs much as i hate it, Python is a good 'coding chalkboard'. Here's a display of my questionable works using it.

Everything Else

kandi museumA display of kandi and other fun little accessories that i made or received as gifts from my creative friends - adorable stuff! Keep alt fashion DIY!

other placesSharing is caring - so i'm sharing some assorted useful or interesting online places that are outside the 'personal homepage' paradigm here!

friends & cool artistsFor stuff that i can not do, such as digital painting and stuff, and just because i like these people a lot - i have my awesome cutie friends on display here!

funny joke pagejust don't go here ok

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