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I've been making music for quite a while at this point, and being both a hardware and a digital sound enthusiast, i couldn't help but make some nice collections of sounds along the way. While i've been mostly making these for my own proprietary usage for Elysian Tunes music, i thought it'd be a great idea to share these with other sound people. The materials here are of different nature, but about half is hardware recordings, mostly DIY analog modular synths. There's a whole other site with my synth notes and schematics, by the way - you can build your own! Then there's a bunch of other stuff, including, but not limited to: corruption and glitch sounds, musically useful tones, folleys, sfx, and so on, and so forth! The display below shows all the sample packs that are up-to-date and are musically worthy. If you hover over a pack cover, you can read a bit about what is in it. Finally, clicking the cover art will open a mega dot nz download in a new tab: this is supposed to be happening, it is my mega dot nz account, and is a legitimate download of my sample pack. Until i find a bigger and more reliable solution - mega it is. And by the way, there's a whole other page with game samples that i excavated in there, too!


  1. My samples (sample packs and song stem packs) are original and are available for free for independent artists on this page. You may not redistribute my sample packs anywhere else, free or not. You may not build your sample packs upon my samples and sell them. if you want to share my sample pack - send this page or a direct Mega link; don't redistribute the archive files.
  2. My samples can be used in any kind of works. Music, video, crossmedia, games, anything you find fit. Use them as they are, or obliterate them till they are something entirely new. My samples cannot be used to promote a product or a political view that involves aggression towards factors like race, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, and such.
  3. Music you build with my samples, you may redistribute for free, or for money, as long as you are an independent artist or a small (<=10 people) group of artists. Big organizations may get in touch to negociate the terms. You may not copy or alter the samples and sell them as part of your sample pack.
  4. You may not use my samples for training artificial intelligence and neural networks. You may not use my samples in any cryptocurrency and blockchain related media, like NFTs and so on.
  5. Works that use my samples may not be published on Spotify, Apple Music and other music streaming services that do not allow full file ownership. Use Bandcamp instead, you goddamn conformist! Youtube sound-video and Soundcloud uploads, social network self-promos, etc, are OK.
  6. Crediting me is not obligatory, but highly appreciated (read: credit me if you're not a lil' buttface). Writing that you used samples by Aubery Lis, Astro or Elysian Tunes (that's all me) and attaching this link [https://elysiantunes.bandcamp.com] is a good way to credit me!
  7. If you have a question that this info does not cover, hit me up. If you wonder if i can make an exception for you in the rules i put here - don't hit me up, cause i won't.

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