Welcome to SAMPLE DIRECTORY, a place with directions to my original sound samples! Check out the general directions here, and the original sample pack display below. I hope my resources can help with your creative tasks and ideas!




Once upon, i spent an hour on making a complex instrument in Ableton that would synthesize snares from scratch. Then, i recorded so much of them, that i never had to touch the actual saved instrument anymore. Oh irony!

BWOOOM! Probably made with a modular synth, but hell if i remember. They do bang loud, though!

Tempo-synced bongo/tom streams produced by tapping a DIY Serge VCF. There are all kinds of pitches out there - crop out the ones you like the most, or sync it to your track's tempo and use as a loop of funky bloops.

haha wate r

This is an extensive kouyou-style drumkit. I recorded it before making the first release as her, and still use it in a lot of my music is general. All drums synthesized on a Korg MS-20 mini, my favorite semimodular synth ever.

A bunch of funny chippy sound effects made with mostly Doepfer or DIY eurorack modules.

A small soundfont material pack of MS-20 bellish sound. It sounds very pleasant. One of the first packs i ever made!

Testouts of my microsynth. Mostly glitch/noise material, intended to be used as backgrounds/raw material for new sounds.

Small handy pack of AM and FM radio search.

When repairing a Make Noise 0-coast semimodular synth for someone, i recorded a bunch of cool timbres from it.

Sounds of running corrupted versions of RECCA. Corruptions made with vinesauce's ROM corruptor.

I made a ton of corrupted versions of Contra ROM. Samples are various stange glitches that were happening while trying to run them. This time i used my own corruptor, BITRASH.

Recordings of different electronic devices made with DIY electromagnetic field pickups. Made together with Slim The Pinapple/Zwonkybeats at his home.

Modular synth assisted gabberoid drums

I once had a rare (and expensive as hell) Metasonix VCO/VCF module over for repairs, so i felt obliged to do some recordings of its fat boings and clicks. Absolutely insane device.

Recordings of glitchbatfs of a Casio digital phase-distortion synth that a friend of my mom gave to me as a "maybe you will make some use of it at least" gift, which turned into my first serious circuit-bent device.

Voicing from my game 15000 MADNESS.

Sound effects from my game 15000 MADNESS.