Since 2014, i've been making music on a DMG-01 - the original Nintendo GameBoy released in 1989 - using a program called LSDJ. This is a simple tracker that allows you to write chains of phrases for each of the four voices of the DMG-01's sound chip. The somewhat strict (yet pretty generous) restrictions of the four channels - two pulses, wav synth/4-bit sample and noise - and the program itself always felt great in terms of music making: as a synth nerd, i frequently need my focus forced to make actual music instead of tweaking another synth sound, which trackers, especially hardware-specific ones, excel at.

I made a good few pure chiptune (and chiptune + amenbreak layer, which we call chipbrek) albums over the years and released them at BleepLove or my own Elysian Tunes, as well as used LSDJ running on a DMG-01 in some other works. This page hosts pretty much everything that i made up to this day, and will get updated whenever i [hopefully] release something else. LSDJ stores songs in its .sav data - same as other gameboy games store the user's save data. Inside a .sav there may be up to 32 songs, exportable from a .sav to separate .lsdsng (LSDJ song) files, using LSDManager. The same tool can be used to put a selection of .lsdsng's into a .sav to further flash it to a smart card with LSDJ ROM on it, or put next to the .gb file when running off an emulator. In both cases, you obviously will need an LSDJ .gb (ROM) file, which is freely available, too.

You can download individual .lsdsng files by pressing the download button next to the track you want, or you can download a ready-made .sav with all the tracks by clicking the cartridge. You can use these to make remixes of my songs, explore the way i made them, etc etc - but don't be an asshat and credit me if you use this in your creative work! These rules basically apply to all the LSDJ data, just replace "sample packs" with "SAVs" and "samples" with "LSDSNGs". If you end up making a remix or an alt-version of my song, definitely let me know!

Astro The Fox - Junk Food Chips, Elysian Tunes 2018

Junk Food Chips

  1. s.s.s.s. (hyi cover)
  2. Fear Factory (DKC cover)
  3. Amuse Me, Kraaken (VRUMZSSSR cover)
  4. Aquatic Ambience (DKC cover)
  5. BAD APPLE (it's a cover too ok)
  6. Hardcore Vibes (Dune cover)
  7. Chiptune Brother (self-remix)
  8. Dr. Wily Stage 1 (Rockman 2 cover)
  9. The Castle (Renard cover)
  10. Now Or Never! (Wet Floor cover)
  11. WI-FI BRIDGE (Renard cover)

Astro The Fox - 15000 MADNESS ~OST~, Elysian Tunes 2018

15000 Madness

  1. 15M_PROLOGUE (ft. ACDJH~2)
  3. 15M_LVL1
  4. 15M_LVL1-BOSS (ft. BAT TRIP)
  5. 15M_LVL2
  6. 15M_LVL2-BOSS
  7. 15M_LVL3
  8. 15M_LVL3-BOSS (feat. SIX TON DOG)
  10. 15M_FINAL (ft. BZZT)
  11. 15M_SCORE
  12. 15M_ENDCRED (ft. Smoke)

Astro The Fox - Ghost Stories, Bleeplove 2015

Ghost Stories

  1. Subdimensional Bar
  2. Hideout
  3. Vampire King
  4. Unnecessary Knowledge
  5. Sei Appeared
  6. The Salon (RQ Cover)

Astro The Fox - Spring, Bleeplove 2014


  1. Inko-Chan
  2. Reach The Stars!
  3. Snow Fox
  4. Hyper Blast Into Space
  5. Spring
  6. MegaBstr ATTACK
  7. Neko To Nezumi

Astro The Fox - I Will Fix You, Bleeplove 2014

I Will Fix You

  1. Cosmic Lullaby [SIDE A INTRO]
  2. Fear Factory (DKC Cover)
  3. Hexadecimal Fighter
  4. BAD APPLE!!
  5. Lights Of The Galaxy
  6. Rave Is On Fire
  7. Gameboy Sez [SIDE B INTRO]
  8. Chipfox Warrior
  9. Chiptune Brother
  11. The Castle (Renard Cover)
  12. Anna
  13. We Drank Rocket Fuel

Astro The Fox - Reach The Stars, Bleeplove 2014

Reach The Stars

  1. Hidden Cave (2 files)
  2. Magic Tail
  3. Counterattack
  4. Snow
  5. Gameboy Gone Crazy
  6. Drilling Through Sky
  7. Pixel Fox Go!
  8. Soda Power

Astro The Fox released singles, various places 201X


  1. ANIMLZ (ft. ACDJH~2)
  3. VRUMZSSSR - Die (Astro The Fox rmx)
  4. Ambience palette
  5. Checkmate!

Astro The Fox finished unreleases, 201X


  1. CompFox
  2. Cosmic Crush
  3. Dub Factory
  4. Green Hill Zone
  5. Gummy Girl
  6. Running In The Dungeon

Astro The Fox scraps, 2014-2022


Three .sav files chock-full of LSDJ scraps and drafts of various quality and progress stage. Some are almost finished songs, some are five notes dialed into a pattern and that's it. Presented here for historical and entertainment reasons rather than for actual useful reasons. Still, feel free to use these as samples or make your own songs out of these, but naturally, credit me if you end up releasing or playing whatever you make out of these!


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