Kandi bracelets and kandi-adjacent accesories is something that sits neatly exactly where rave fashion culture and dekora-kei cross. Obviously, this means i love it with my entire blazing soul, and myself have a slow-n-steady output of a few kandi bracelets per year. Making kandi is fun - just grab a thicc elastic string, get some idiotic beads, salvage some absurd piece of crap from a plastic straw - or, in the name of cringe, put an amogus pop-it toy on it like my friend and inspiration Poob did - and start kandi'n!

This place is a little exposition of what i made so far, or at least most of the stuff i made so far. Calling it a museum is probably an overkill, since these are at least not that old, but... kandi museum just sounds so funny, so i had to keep it! Anyways, feel free to click the photos to see them in bigger size and all. By the way, this page runs on MyArtGallery, a neocities art display package that i'm actively developing. Check it out if you want to make something like this quick n easy!