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Apart from music and visual arts, i can help with pretty much anything i am able to do, either for some reward or just because. The prices vary widely based on the request, but as always - i don't charge too much.

My most notable 'other' skill is web design (you've just seen a demo of what a cool transition i can make with pure js and 8 pictures in less than 1 hour), but they include pretty much any other sphere of my life you can find on this website!

Below is the list of things I feel confident in enough to offer them to you:

  • Website building frontend (html/css/js)
  • Website building backend (php/mysql)
  • Custom noise synthesizers
  • Custom guitar effect pedals
  • Modding of old consoles/handhelds
  • Stepmania PIU/DDR charts
  • Gear repairs (handy if you have me locally)
  • Python coding
  • Lessons or q-and-a sessions on anything i know

If you're interested in anything - feel free to reach me on any media mentioned on the links page - and keep in mind that the prices vary from zero to a fortune depending on what you're asking for!