I made a lot of music. And by a lot, i mean 60+ albums of different genres, some of which are game OSTs. And now, i can also make music for YOUR projects - be it games, animations, themes for your character, and so on. Also, i can mix and master YOUR music, since i have a lot of experience with audio engineering and clean mixdowns. Each case is pretty unique, so prices may vary, and possible requests are very flexible and discussable. But here's the basic price list:

  • Audio to be used in your project: from $30/minute of audio, you get permission to use the track without obligatory crediting, and i retain the right to publish it at my resources
  • Mixdown: from $10/minute of your audio, need a multitrack .wav dump of your track for this
  • Mastering: from $5/minute of your audio, need .wav files of audio to be mastered

A quick showcase of my various audioworks can be found here - some personal music, some soundtracks I made for games and whatnot - just the tip of my capabilities' iceberg, though! Ready to rumble? Get in touch via analogpatch@gmail.com or by other methods listed on this page!


Apart from music and visual arts, i can help with pretty much anything i am able to do, either for some reward or just because. The prices vary widely based on the request, but as always - i don't charge too much.

My most notable 'other' skill is web design (you've just seen a demo of what a cool transition i can make with pure js and 8 pictures in less than 1 hour), but they include pretty much any other sphere of my life you can find on this website!

Below is the list of things I feel confident in enough to offer them to you:

  • Website building frontend (html/css/js)
  • Website building backend (php/mysql)
  • Custom noise synthesizers
  • Custom guitar effect pedals
  • Modding of old consoles/handhelds
  • Stepmania PIU/DDR charts
  • Gear repairs (handy if you have me locally)
  • Python coding
  • Lessons or q-and-a sessions on anything i know

If you're interested in anything - feel free to reach me on any media mentioned on the links page - and keep in mind that the prices vary from zero to a fortune depending on what you're asking for!



This entire website is filled with graphics made by me, either from scratch, or by heavily modifying and remixing existing assets. If you like my style and want me to cooperate with you on some project, i'd be happy to!

I specialize in photocorrection and digital design, web design (take a look!), corruption as art, crossmedia and minimalistic 3D. I do not do digital paintings - you can check who does here. Although music has been a more frequent request from me than visual art, all my customers have been happy with what they got for their album covers, website banners, and more! I will be happy to work with you on:

  • Music album covers
  • Parts and assets for webpages
  • Design solutions for webpages, cards, and such
  • T-shirt and other apparel (incl. CD/DVD/tape) designs
  • Crude-yet-soulful 3D works, corruption art, expressionism
  • ...and much more!

Don't hesitate to get in touch via analogpatch@gmail.com or by other methods listed on this page!