Welcome to ELYSIUM, a gigapolis of dream where you can do anything you want! The world, freshly rebuilt post-catastrophe, and the biggest and most prosperous gigapolis of all adjacent lands, Elysium, home to both the most brainmelting and uplifting raves, and the government prohibiting them. Its size is tremendous: it's impossible to cross it on a car in 6 hours. All sorts of anthros live in the city, as well as the outlawed starblooded people, and whoever else may wind up around here. What brings you to Elysium?

My characters, who are also my musical project aliases, all live in this fictional universe of Elysium and its adjacent lands. They have their backstories, personalities, relationships, and weird funny trivia. This page focuses on the stat/lore/bio side of them: in fact, most music i make isn't related to the characters' lore at all, but only to the feelings/vibes of theirs. Some releases, though, are definitely connected to the story. I hope you find it interesting and fun to dig around my funny fiction about animal people!

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