Bright Moon Co. stands with Earth's web users that curate and customize their experience. Neocities is one of the last major places on the planetary web to have the spirit of free and personal internet. For this reason, some of the Bright Moon Co. subsystems used, among other things, for creation of, are shared here for free, for free internet people.

The technologies on this page are provided free of charge. You may modify the digital assets, but you may not publish them online without explicit approval of Bright Moon Co. The technologies are provided as-is, with no guarantees or support promise. However, your feedback on overall experience and technical issues (bugs, etc) means a lot, and will be happily received through a communication channel of your choice.


An easy and resource-efficient way of setting up an image gallery on Neocities. This package contains an instruction manual that walks the user through the deployment process, as well as all the necessary files and a built-in high-level XML datastore editor. The package has built-in miniature panel display, instant previerw overlay, grouping and individual image display functionality, all of which behave like an assembled and ready-to-use system upon deployment. Visual and textual customisation is easy and does not require any coding skills, although altering the codebase is encouraged and permitted. MyArtGallery is mostly aimed at artworks and other creative visual works in form of digital graphics files (.jpeg, .png, .gif) - but is not limited to that and can be used as a skeleton for any project that displays some images.

Demonstration: 20230915 test deployment (no customisations, default test files) / astrossoundhell kandi museum (a bit of intermediate modding done)

Downloads: latest version, zip archive / github


Currently in alpha. Although works for all testers so far, proceed with caution and report bugs, please!

This code package creates a little blog at any .html page on your site. Simply put all the necessary files to the same directory and give a div you want your blog in a correct id - and you're done! The install is very simple, and is described in great detail in the provided instructions README. Adding, deleting, editing and reordering your notes is done through a simple, lightweight and user-friendly graphical user interface. Posting to your new blog takes only one more step than posting to some "actual" social network, but also.. it's at your own website!

Demonstration: 20231010 test deployment (raw output, looks underwhelming) / astrossoundhell homepage update box

Downloads: latest version, zip archive / github

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